Driving Glasses Night Vision

Rs. 800.00

  • Ideal when driving or for outdoor sports.
  • High-density resin frame construction.
  • Reduce headaches and eye strain.
  • Lens curvature, no distortion and dizziness.
  • Lightweight and high strength impact resistance.
  • Excellent UV protection, anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-fatigue, scratch proof.
  • Perfect aid for driving at night, rainy or foggy day, long travel.
  • Increase the safety factor of driving, reduce car accidents.
  • 3 Working Days Delivery


Night Vision Driving Glasses

With Tac Glasses Night Vision you will be able to see clearly without the dangerous, night-time glare! They enhance color, block blinding glare and improve optical clarity. The secret is Bell & Howell’s patented light filtering technology. They have an anti-reflective coating and special tint that help to protect your eye’s natural night vision. Stop squinting when you are driving down the highway and see with optimal clarity. Tac Glasses provide 100% UV protection and feature polarized lens. They are inspired by the glasses worn by our heroes in uniform so they can survive in even the harshest conditions. The polymer frames can bend and flex without breaking. Ordinary sunglasses just block light and make everything darker. Tac Glasses filter the light to make everything clearer.

  • Amazing light-filtering technology
  • Blocks dangerous, night-time glare
  • Great for when visibility is poor
  • Enhances colors for eagle-sharp vision
  • Polymer frames can bend & flex without breaking
  • Inspired by sunglasses worn in the military

Package Included:
1 x Night Vision Sunglasses UV400 (without case)

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